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St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Let Christ into your life!

Believe, celebrate and live the redeeming love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Corner

Fr. John Evans

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas to all!  During this month we have a lot of activities happening.  Be sure to click the CALANDAR menu item to the left.  Also, new entries have shown up on our BLOG, along with a new photo gallary of the construction of the parish back in late 1983 to mid 1984.  You can access these items and much more through the EXTRA menu on the left.  We are excited to have so many parishioners inquire about our Time and Talent opportunities.  Greg Werking is working with the ministry coordinators to help everyone make these important stewardship connections happen.

Tax Savings!  If you donate appreciated stock and want a greater tax savings, be sure NOT to cash it out before donating.  If you cash it, you will be required to pay the capital gains tax.  However, if you let us know we will email/print you a copy of the information your broker will need to TRANSFER your donated stock.  You will then pay zero capital gains tax on the donation.  For more information on financial stewardship,
click here.